Twenty-Sixteen Was Because of You!

St. Matthew’s School’s gym this past November saw more smiles then ever. Well we will let the photos tell you the story!

Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors this past year!

Have a ‘smashhit’ Holiday Season and pay it forward!

Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂

<event photo credit Eric Davison>

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<photo credit w/ Santa Jeff McCoy>

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The Boys Are Back In Town

The fact is these two young ‘fellas’ never left Wallaceburg! They have always been there with positive attitudes to grow up the best they could be. They lacked necessities, but now have the extra personal tools they needed to grow stronger than ever before!

Brennan has about four teachers at AA Wright Public School in Wallaceburg, Ontario. Actually he only has one teacher. The other three teachers are chasing him in his new wheelchair, because they can barely stop his ambition and current enthusiasm-being mobile!


When Remi responded with “I want to be able to bring homework home like all of the other students” we saw he was just as ambitious as Brennan. Now that Remi has his new braille machine he is going to be the best student he can be. He always fit in, but now he can be excited to get home and learn after school just like his peers.


Brennan “ride with the wind behind you” and Remi “teach everything you learn”.

This is your impact Sarnia-Lambton. Your to thank!

Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂

Gift of Fitness 2016

Thats a wrap!

We started Noelle’s Gift of Fitness 2016 with sunrise Yoga under the Bluewater Bridge. Six venues hosted fitness-forward fun in the early morning to mid afternoon and six exciting activity stations took place for kids at Canatara Park mid afternoon too. Runners of all ages finished the afternoon off running/walking in the beautiful sunshine. The tradition continued with Yoga stretch and relax at 3pm followed by the epic after party at Norm’s Pub & Grill later in the evening.

Everything above concluded another remarkable year for us.Thank you to all our donors, venues, participants and to our community as a whole.

Did you see all the pictures posted from all the venues on Noelle’s Gift of Fitness Facebook Page? 

See additional pictures here. Feel free to download and share with your friends and family!

Thank you once again Sarnia-Lambton!

Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂


Compassion Project


For Reid helping others made him feel: he wanted to do it more, it was fun, he felt proud and he felt happy because he was helping others.

Reid completed a Compassion Project just before Christmas as part of a school project. The wonderful project idea was created by Mrs. Medeiros at St. Joseph’s in Corunna. Reid had tremendous support from neighbours, friends, family and all his teammates who play on his hockey team in Mooretown. Reid’s mother Tara said that “Reid was overly excited to deposit the money he raised into the Noelle’s Gift Fund”.

Compassion spills out of this little man’s heart. Keep an eye out for him because when he is not reading to his sibling or helping his friends and family you just might see him bagging groceries at a local grocery store or even volunteering his time at The Inn of The Good Shepherd or simply holding a door open for you.

Reid you’re a Smash Hit! Your poster is beyond spectacular and we would like you to know that you should be proud that you raised $500.65 more than your $100 goal. WOW very impressive! Although most importantly Reid; please know that you are growing up to be a very positive roll model for everyone around you!

Thank you Reid!

Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂



December Cheer In Sarnia & Ottawa

December 5, 2015 was a remarkable day right here in Sarnia and Ottawa too.

The fourth annual Santa Shuffle took place during the day on December 5, 2015. Noelle’s friends raised $575 towards Noelle’s Gift. Thank you! 

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Noelle was passionate about helping students grow and ensuring they were able to have a positive experience, often supplying meals, classroom supplies, and clothing to those students in need. Can you guess what else Noelle loved? Christmas! Noelle’s Gift participated in the Santa Claus Parade on Saturday evening. She would be dancing with joy at all the fan photos that poured in, along with wonderful support from many students in Lambton County that contributed to decorating the float.

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In other news: The Sarnia Modern Women’s Show brought in a a tremendous donation to Noelle’s Gift that reached $2,831.75 this past October. 


Have a wonderful day everyone!

Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂

Past, Present and December 2015

The last few weeks have been simply amazing; we have lots to share with you!

On November 27, 2015 four ‘gamers’ locked themselves in the Lambton Mall for 24 hours! Who would do that and why? They simply love the old and new games (and past/present gaming systems) as a form of entertainment, but more importantly they wanted to donate to a charity. This year they set a goal to raise 2k towards Noelle’s Gift as what they called their “current quest”.  They streamed it live during mall hours and online. The overall online reach attracted viewers literally from all over the world! Over $2700 was donated towards Noelle’s Gift locally and world wide; not bad for a first event? Hmmm…. not bad? These 4 sets of eyes who ‘gamed’ for 24 hours straight just contributed to ‘helping kids grow up great’ in Lambton County!

Regardless of their goals; thank you Max, Darryl, David and Eric! You’re all “smash hits”

Kaoss Studios -5905 Kaoss Studios -5930 Kaoss Studios -5959

On Saturday November 28, 2015 families flooded St. Matthew’s School for a total of four hours straight for Noelle’s Gift third annual Winter Family Fun Day. We’ll let the images tell the story.


Kaoss Studios -5969 Kaoss Studios -5971 Kaoss Studios -5972

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Where is Noelle’s Gift next?

December 5th is a big day in Sarnia; it’s also a big day in Ottawa!

If you’re in Sarnia you will want to make some noise and sing along when the first annual Noelle’s Gift float sings holiday tunes during the Santa Clause Parade. The float has been decorated by the students of Lambton County, so give them a big cheer! Six pm sharp…downtown Sarnia!


In Ottawa: before the Sarnia Santa Clause parade in Sarnia Noelle’s ‘girls’ will be participating in the Santa Shuffle for their second year. Help cheer them on!

Ottawa Santa Shuffle Ottawa Santa Shuffle

They are accepting donations here…

And lastly! Congratulations to Charlene Dodge for winning the amazing Doll House!

20151202_140223 20151202_150553_black

We’re unable to define how amazing our community has been from young to old in 2015! Please share all your stories with us by emailing anytime! 2015 is not over; we have some exciting news, so stay tuned.

Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂